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We bring to your attention of events from across India that do not quite go with a country known for prevailing peace and unique tolerance in diversity. It may appear that India is going through an exciting moment with fast economic growth and advancements in science and technology, the inside story is different. India is going through a crisis – a political crisis. Human rights, constitutional norms, dignity to religion and ethnic groups - all are at stake.


This is not a ‘news bulletin’ site.

India Crisis is a call for action to save India. It is a call to intellectuals, academics, students, lawyers, journalists, health professionals to workers, farmers and indigenous communities - all nationals, within India and across the world, to join and uphold the spirit of democracy and freedom of expression.

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Free Them All

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DELHI RIOT: February 2020

continued for six days in which 53 people died.
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delhi riot



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Natasha Narwal and Devangana Kalita, students of PhD and MPhil respectively, are in prison in Delhi under UAPA on false charges. They took part in peaceful protest against the Citizens Amendement Act (CAA).

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An essential read; click above.

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India's lowest moment

The arrest of Father Stan Swamy, 83-year old Jesuite priest who spent all his life working among the marginalised and protecting the rights of indigenous people, is a wake up call to all of us.      India is now a perfect example of dictatorship in the guise of democracy - a country that now suppresses any criticism of the government, creates a fear environment, and controls the media house for false news and propaganda.

Is there a difference between North Korea and Modi’s India?

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