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Sudha Bhardwaj, a lawyer and social activist, is widely known for her work with unskilled labourers and indigenous (adivasi) populations. She is highly educated - had her schooling in the UK, studied mathematics and later law, but decided to work among marginalised communities in the state of Chhattisgarh. For the last three decades Sudha has been working with cement workers, coal miners and, as a lawyer, has been taking up cases  of villagers who were forcibly displaced by mining companies, cases of torture, rape and killings of villagers by the police and paramilitary forces.

Sudha Bhardwaj is now in prison on false charges of terrorist activities and for plotting to kill Indian Prime Minister Mr Modi! Renowned historian Ramchandra Guha in an


sudha bhardwaj

India in Crisis

India in Crisis


interview said, ‘these charges are utterly fabricated .... arbitrary and illegal misuse of police and state power ... to divert attention partly to ease capture natural resource from adivasi areas from corporate class close to the government .... an attempt to divert attention from failures of government".

Supreme Court in Decline: Forgotten Freedoms and Eroded Rights

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